9:00 am    Doors open


10:00 am    Craig Buckbee  “Tips to Improve your Fly Casting”

Craig will demonstrate basic casting techniques as well as the common problems of fly casting and how to solve them.  While this presentation will be geared towards new fly fishers, it will contain information that will help even the most experienced casters.    


11:30 am     Nick Pionessa  “Intro to Spey Casting”

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to Spey cast here is your chance.  Nick will cover the basics casts and discuss equipment and lines for this often misunderstood style of fishing.


1:00 pm       Tom Baltz   “Tying Perfect Parachute Flies”

Tom is the parachute fly master and will show you the techniques that he has perfected over the past 50 years. 


2:00 pm      Craig Buckbee  “Secrets of the Double Haul”

The Double Haul is an essential casting technique that is not only about adding distance to your cast.   The Double Haul increases line speed, helps cut the wind, and will make you a better fly caster and fly fisher.


3:00 pm      Ryan Welch  “Saltwater Destinations”

Ryan will present a slide show on various exotic saltwater destinations from around the world.  He will also discuss the equipment and show you how to tie effective flies for saltwater fishing.


Time TBD   Mike McFarland  “Rod Construction from Raw Materials”

Mike will be showing a video and discussing composite rod construction.  He will discuss the process and different types of glass and graphite that are used in modern fly rods and how they affect rod performance.  He will also discuss rod design and actions and how this relates to performance on the water. 


6:00 pm    Show Closes



There will also be numerous fly tying and rod building demos throughout the day by the best in the industry.

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